Do You Need a Vanity Desk?

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A vanity desk from VASAGLE is the embodiment of truly “ladies’” furniture. Initially this item got its name from the French word for “outfit” – “toilet”. Women prepared to appear at grand balls at the first vanity desks.

Trifle or necessity?

A vanity desk is far from unnecessary furniture in a modern interior. This is a fairly functional item that allows you to create a place to store cosmetics, accessories and necessary equipment, as well as comfortably apply makeup and style your hair while sitting in front of a mirror.

person using cosmetics near the vanity table
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Whether you need a vanity desk is a matter of personal preference

If earlier this piece of furniture was an integral part of an aristocratic home, today mirrored vanity desk has become a far from essential item. If your entire beauty routine fits compactly on a shelf in the bathroom, then you can do without a specialized table for cosmetics. There are 3 pros why you should buy a vanity desk.

All cosmetics in one place

A dedicated place for care products, hair dryer, curling iron and even jewelry will allow you to clean up the shelves in the bathroom and quickly find the necessary thing before going out.


If the free space allows you to organize a beautiful corner for gatherings, you should not neglect this opportunity. A table with an elegant mirror will become a wonderful detail of the interior and add “grooming” to it.

little person near vanity desk
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A personal corner

A small table by the window or a long table parallel to the bed will simultaneously become an aesthetic detail of the interior and an area for self-care.

This is especially true in families where there is a queue for the bathroom in the mornings and evenings.

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